Weekly Reflection: June 17, 2021

Dear Grace Church Family,

Whenever I think of writing a “Devotional”, I nearly always turn to the Psalms first for inspiration. There’s a reason for that. The Psalms are, first and foremost, prayers; very intimate prayers that border on conversation with God. In our Daily Office readings for this week there are several Psalms that fit this description. Some of them, including the one I reflect on directly today, are also shocking in what they pray to God. But precisely there in that shock to us lies the Psalms great power to pray us. Read on for what I mean by that. I pray that you will find it helpful.

Fr. Rick Miles+

The Psalms, and Psalm 77: The prayers that pray us. I think of the Psalms as the prayers that pray us, because the Psalmists are boldly honest, sometimes bluntly so, in their prayers with God. We see it in all our Psalms today. Their honesty shocks us and even causes us to recoil at times. “I would never say such a thing to God!” We think. “What a terrible attitude, thought, wish, request!” We can come away from the Psalms, if we allow ourselves to, with a sense that we are different from the writers; that we are a better people. But on closer inspection, if we are honest, we find that we have merely tamped down and covered over the same in ourselves. The honesty of the Psalmists prays for us what we do not want to own. And that is what God wants. God wants us to be honest about what we are thinking and feeling. It is when we have trod the breadth of our thinking, and plumbed the depths of our emotions, that our prayers become a dialogue with God. A Place of meeting. Be fully honest in your prayers today.

Then do one more thing as the Psalmists nearly always do: It is there, in verse 11 of Psalm 77, “I will call to mind the deeds of the Lord; I will remember your wonders of old.” Remember and dwell on God’s faithfulness in your life in the past. It will restore your sense of God’s faithfulness to you for the present, and it will give you confidence in God’s faithfulness for you into the future.