We’ve Come This

Far by Faith

The Annual Giving Committee would like to thank all of those who have pledged and given us a foundation for this new year. The total for 2022 pledges is $327,150. As always, new pledges are welcome. While most who pledged for 2021 have also pledged for 2022, we will always have increases and decreases in participation due to many different circumstances. If you have intended to but have not gotten to it, please do so now. Our planning for ministries depends on pledge commitments.

While this will be the last official communication from the Annual Giving Committee, our work will not stop as we will continue to assist in this endeavor. Feel free to contact Reg Burner directly at  if you have any questions or simply want to register a new pledge or modify a previous one. 


Grace Episcopal Church, Georgetown, now welcomes online donations and pledges through PayPal. Please consider increasing your donation to offset the per transaction fee we pay of 2.2%.

If you would prefer to give by check, you may place the check in the plate on Sunday or mail checks to:

Grace Episcopal Church

1041 Wisconsin Ave. NW

Washington, DC 20007

To make an online donation, please select a category from the dropdown menu on the right and Donate. You will be taken to a PayPal page.


Weekly, Monthly or Annual Pledges

Pledges for past, present and future years may be made at any time in person, by mail, or online.

Saving Grace

Built at the turn of the last century, our beautiful, historic church requires an ongoing commitment to maintenance and preservation.


As a community, Grace is committed to serving those who are in need of extra care. In addition to a donation, please consider getting involved by volunteering.

Memorials or Gifts

Contribute to an existing memorial like the Jean McKinney Flower Fund, which provides flowers in the church to celebrate the life of Jean and her beloved husband Gary, or create your own. Grace also welcomes general gifts.

Annual Events

Bach Festival

This renowned celebration of Bach’s music features outstanding DC-area musicians and takes place in early July.

2021’s festival was held virtually! You can still see the concerts on The Arts page.