Weekly Reflection, October 20, 2016

Through trials and temptations, God holds our truest and highest self in trust for us.  It abides in God’s safekeeping, against the day when we can claim it.  God bears silent witness to who we are.

God also calls each of us bear, as we are able, this same divine witness – to hold in safekeeping the truest self of another, or others.

On Sunday, representatives from Grace and other congregations will gather for the annual meeting of the Good Faith Communities Coalition.  We’ll learn about the progress of efforts to reduce homelessness in DC, and formulate plans and strategies for sustaining or increasing these efforts, and making them more fruitful.

Above all, though, we will gather to bear witness, most of it silent – listening, learning, reflecting, praying; God’s witness through ours – to the full humanity of our homeless neighbors.  Damaged more than most of us by the malign forces of this world, they yet abide undiminished in the mind of God.  With God we safeguard that undiminished self in our own hearts.  Moved by this sacred trust, we work and pray for the day when, safely housed, they can lay claim to at least a part of this truest and highest self, and also the Day when that claim shall be fully redeemed.

Reflect, if you will, on the ways this witness has been borne to each of us, how our own truest selves have been held in safekeeping through trial and temptation, and consider joining in the shared witness of GFCC this Sunday.

John Graham