Weekly Reflection, May 4, 2017

In Exodus God proclaims an intention to “get glory over Pharaoh” by leading the children of Israel out of bondage under Pharaoh’s rule.

A God who needs to “get glory”?  We demur at this self-characterization, but we needn’t.  God seeks to “get glory” not for himself, but for us.

“Glory”, in Hebrew, derives from a root meaning “weight”.  God seeks weight – presence, reality – in the world.  God seeks to matter, both in human life and in the larger creation.  And if God matters in the world, “gets glory”, then we have grounds for hope.   Even the noblest human effort feels lighter than air sometimes, but God’s weighty glory will cause it to bear good fruit.

The heart looks for signs, God’s glory made manifest.  The Bible directs the heart’s gaze to the least among us, and the least within us:  “Draw alongside the wounded, diminished, anxious and perplexed, and abide there.  In these places, as in the subjugation of the children of Israel in Egypt, God will go about the business of getting glory, and you will find grounds for hope.”

John Graham