Weekly Reflection, February 9, 2017

A few years ago, something that looked a bit like a bird feeder appeared along one of the walkways in the Grace Church garden. It is painted whimsically and stands unobtrusively near one of the benches. Perhaps you’ve peeked in, perhaps opened the little door to look inside. No…not a bird feeder, but a spirit/people-feeder.

It’s a Little Free Library! It is a place for books to be donated and borrowed…no long stacks to search, no library card needed. Most of the time there are books there, sometimes it sits empty for a while. The books inside vary widely. Not unsurprisingly, perhaps, given its location, along with romance novels and spy thrillers, there are often books with religious themes.

But that’s not the only place to browse books at Grace Church. Also over the past year or so, the Fellowship Room next to the kitchen has become the repository of many, many — hundreds — of books donated from parishioners’ libraries. (a policy, kept to the best of our ability, that no new book comes into the house unless an old one is given away — a practical matter, really, since there’s no room for even one more book on our shelves.) So having a place to give a good book is a good thing; books never really cease from being valuable and besides, they become…like friends. The Fellowship Room library is now just like that too — hardly space for even one more book (Thanks to parishioners’ efforts, especially those of Jim and Janet Sale, Mike Osborn and Loie Randall, to organize this space.)

So this is an invitation, to come browse, borrow, donate or lend books, to either the Little Free Library outside in the Garden, or in the Fellowship Room. Both have treasures and resources that will educate and entertain. Both get us thinking…and talking…about the infinite ways the Word is made flesh — real — and dwells among us.

What are you reading?
Sarah Motley