Remembering GrandEd

Hello, I am Karoline Bolt, Baby A.

GrandEd, as well as a prolific storyteller, was a great teacher to us throughout the years.

He left us with many practical life lessons and skills. One being the delicious recipe to Captain Eddie-Poo’s Barbeque Chicky-poo – basically slow cooked chicken in lots and lots of bbq sauce.

And it was actually GrandEd who first taught us all how to drive. I believe Kaley was only about 13 and needed to sit on a couple of phone books. To practice he actually took us to a cemetery – his rational was – “It’s ok kids, you can’t kill or hurt anyone, everyone here’s already dead.” He also said we could use both feet on the pedals, and that green meant go, red meant stop, and yellow meant go like heck – I’ll say in church …

He also taught us lessons of far greater value, such as the power of optimism, deep compassion, importance of family and what it was to give unconditional love.

What I will talk about now is how GrandEd taught me how to be brave. When I was a little girl, I was scared of a lot of things, as little girls are, but particularly of the dark. One day when at our home in London, I was afraid to climb up the many dark stairs to get to my bedroom at the top of the house. Granded discovered me sitting on the first step – debating whether to live out my life in the kitchen. He sat me down next to me and told me so steadfastly and confidently that all I had to do whenever I felt afraid was to sing the song ‘Climb Every Mountain’ from the Sound of Music – the prelude song you all heard as you came in this morning. He said that if I sung this I would always be safe and have no need of fear. Of course I believed my ever smiling, ever happy GrandEd, and to this day, when I am walking dark streets in Brooklyn, or when I have to get a shot at the hospital, or even before I had to get up and speak here today … I sing or hum that song and I truly do feel brave and unafraid. Thank you sweet GrandEd.

Onward and Upward.