Grace in Advocacy

Washington Interfaith Network (WIN)

Grace Church has belonged to the Washington Interfaith Network (WIN) since September 2007. WIN is a multi-ethnic, interfaith, non-partisan political-advocacy organization consisting of dues-paying member congregations and other entities working to improve life for all residents in the District of Columbia. It is an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), and participates in the IAF’s nationwide anti-usury campaign called “10% is Enough.” Congregations of all faiths and denominations can join. Members must be willing to work together across boundaries of faith, race, ethnic origin, and political persuasion.

Grace Church members and friends regularly attend WIN events (aka “actions”) including: Ward 2 meetings for WIN members in Ward 2, DC Council meetings, accountability nights and caucuses with City Council members and candidates for public office. We participate in WIN’s Neighborhoods First campaigns, which include asking people to fill out Voter Cards indicating support for the WIN housing agenda. Our Rector, Rev. John Graham, also attends WIN clergy meetings.

WIN’s strength is the ability to rally a lot of people to show up for political events (often on short notice) to communicate support for WIN’s housing and agenda and related issues. WIN’s “Neighborhood First” agenda focuses on supportive housing for persons who are homeless, affordable housing for low-income residents, improved services for youth (e.g., libraries, recreation centers, upgraded athletic fields, etc.), and job training and creation for DC residents.

WIN meetings are held in different church buildings throughout the city, and participants enjoy visiting other churches and the neighborhoods that they are in. The highlight of many WIN meetings are reports by people who living in public housing who report on success in getting the District to renovate or replace their buildings, or in acquiring ownership of their homes.

Contact Judie Storandt if you’d like to be on Grace Church’s WIN email list.

Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ)

Grace’s Rector, Rev. John Graham, and several Grace members, participate in IWJ’s efforts to support organizing efforts among immigrants and other workers in the DC area.

Visitors’ Service Center

Rev. John Graham and parishioner Peter Wallace serve on the board of this non-profit, which seeks to keep offenders and ex-offenders connected to their communities.