Grace in Advocacy

Good Faith Communities Coalition (GFCC)

GFCC, founded in 2010, is an alliance of faith communities in the District of Columbia serving persons who are homeless and marginalized. Its mission is to bear witness in the public arena with and on behalf of our homeless neighbors, to the end of securing adequate and affordable housing for all District residents.

Firmly rooted in the shared tenets of our faith communities, GFCC provides an opportunity for individual congregations to join together so that their voices are heard clearly in the District of Columbia government as local priorities are discussed and the budget allocated. GFCC-sponsored email and phone campaigns, testimony before Council committees, visits with elected and appointed leaders, and a yearly membership meeting all make the concerns of the faith community known to those responsible for formulating public policy.  Working together we can make a difference!


Grace Church is a founding member of GFCC, and has actively participated in GFCC’s mission throughout its history.

Washington Interfaith Network (WIN)

Through the GFCC, Grace participates in WIN campaigns and events.  WIN is a multi-ethnic, interfaith, non-partisan political-advocacy organization consisting of dues-paying member congregations and other entities working to improve life for all residents in the District of Columbia. It is an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF). Congregations of all faiths and denominations can join. Members must be willing to work together across boundaries of faith, race, ethnic origin, and political persuasion.