Sunday School

Grace Church’s Christian Education for Children

Sunday School and Child Care

Sunday school for children ages 3–12 years meets at 10:30 am (10:00 am during summer months) during the first half of the principal church service. Then older children join the congregation for Communion.

Children meet in two or three groups, depending on attendance.  On the first Sunday of each month, children prepare to participate in a “Children’s Homily”, which follows the Peace in the principal service.  The third Sunday of the month has children gather for “Children’s Chapel” with clergy staff or a seminarian.  On the fourth Sunday, a member of the clergy staff or a seminarian meet with students 8 and older for “Young Minds, Hard Questions”; the group discusses questions about God and faith raised by the students themselves.

In program year 2017-18, Grace hopes to initiate a program of group singing as part of Sunday School with participants joining the Adult Choir from time to time in the principal service.

All are welcome: those whose families attend regularly and those who can’t come as often  Child Care is offered beginning at 9:30 every Sunday.