Parking at Grace

Sunday Morning Parking

As many of us know first hand, finding a space on the street in Georgetown on a Sunday can be tough. To assist with this challenge, Grace has made arrangements with several local parking vendors.

LOT 1: 20 spaces available 8 am–1:30 pm Sundays
Location: The Guggenheim lot behind to the church, on South Street.
What to do: Grab a spot, come to Grace, get a pass, place it on your dashboard.
Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use this parking pass every Sunday?

Passes are one-time-use only. The pass is valid only on the Sunday for which it is issued.

Occasionally there are yellow cones in the parking lot. Why is this?

On Sundays when there are special events in Georgetown, Grace’s 20 spaces may be marked with cones. If this is the case, please inform the attendant that you’re a Grace parishioner, and he or she will remove a cone so you can park.

Is parking free?

Parking in this lot is free to parishioners. However, it is not free to Grace Church. Contributions to defray the cost of providing this service are welcome.

LOT 3: Is actually a garage that has 2 Hour parking with Grace validation
Location: Cinema Parking Garage at 3171 K Street (north side of K street)
What to do: Bring your parking stub to Grace to be validated.

Weekday Parking at Grace

LOT 3: Sunday-Thursday, 2-hour free parking at Cinema Parking Garage at 3171 K Street (north side of K street). Be sure to get your parking stub validated at Grace and use it as you leave the garage.