The Arts

Arts and Literature Club

This group organizes outings to various cultural events, including concerts at the National Cathedral, plays and movies of interest, and other performances. Keep an eye on This Week at Grace and Upcoming Events to see what might interest you. Contact the Arts and Literature Club at

Bach Festival

The Bach Festival has been held every year in July since 1993. Three recitals featuring superb musicians fill the church with classical music lovers. The Bach Festival is organized and directed by organist/choir director Francine Maté.

View the 2016 schedule of concerts and information about musicians and compositions.  Admission is $20; free for those 18 and under with student ID.

Music on the Lawn

Grace Church offers concerts on the lawn on Thursdays in September, from 5:30–7 pm, and two or three times a year after a Sunday service. Bring a picnic supper or takeout from a local eatery, a bottle of wine or a cold beer if you wish, and enjoy some of D.C.’s leading musicians. Mostly jazz, with some folk, pop and rhythm and blues mixed in. Sometimes jazz musicians and poets perform together—an electric combination, where the readers’ voice becomes an instrument, and the instrument a poetic voice, all in an atmosphere of improvisation. See the News & Events section (This Week and Upcoming Events) for information on scheduled performances and readings.