Stephen Ministry Leaders

The introduction of Stephen Ministry here at Grace Church will add to the many programs of care and mercy already serving our members and community. Stephen Ministry serves the need for one-to-one lay care for those inside the church and in our community. In conjunction with the vestry, there is a special group of people who will be running this ministry. They are our Stephen Leaders. They have gone through a weeklong training course and are equipped with the tools that they need to ensure that this ministry runs smoothly.

grace-stephen-john-grahamThe Rev. John M. Graham
John has served as Rector of Grace Church since 2004. He brings a long history of providing pastoral care among all sorts and conditions of person to his Stephen Ministry role as Referrals Coordinator. He has encouraged and guided laypersons in their own practice of pastoral ministry throughout his 32 years of ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church, and looks forward to bringing this experience to bear on Stephen Ministry as it unfolds at Grace.


John SeferianJohn W. Seferian
John is the Supervision Coordinator, Awareness Building Coordinator, Training Coordinator and Continuing Education Coordinator. He brings extensive organizing, supervision, training and communications experience to his Stephen Ministry roles. He worked professionally as an L.A. Country Probation Officer (24 years) and served as AFSCME Judicial Panel Chairperson (30 years). John has served Grace Church as Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Vestry member, Chair of the Interim Rector Committee, Chair of the Pledge Committee, and Chair of the Gala Committee.


grace-stephen-nancy-seferianNancy Seferian
Nancy coordinates the Leadership Team, awareness-building regarding Stephen Ministry, training, and continuing education. She retired after 24 years in education, teaching K through adults in the classroom, in clinical settings, training reading specialists at the graduate level, and founding a reading clinic in her community. After moving to DC she studied painting, drawing, design and photography and opened a private design company, Greencastle Graphics. Her teaching, organizing and creative skills will be put to good use as she works to train Stephen Ministers and tell our congregation and community about Stephen Ministry.

Note: More than one team member may be involved in the activities coordinated by another team member—for example, more than one Stephen Leader may be involved in the training of Stephen Ministers. Also, depending on how many Stephen Leaders we have, some of all or our Stephen Leaders may need to coordinate more than one area.

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