Welcome to Grace Church!

Grace Church, is an active, big-hearted, community-minded Episcopal parish in lower Georgetown.

Sunday morning services at Grace combine simplicity, informality and reverence, continuing the tradition that drew the working people of a rough-and-tumble neighborhood to Grace at its founding nearly 150 years ago.

Volunteers and staff work together to provide high-quality Christian education for our youngest parishioners. The Georgetown Montessori School meets here on weekdays. Adult education programs invite animated discussion of Christian faith and its connection with the pressing issues of modern living, both personal and public.

From the time its Pastor was known as the principal source of financial assistance for struggling dockworkers, canal diggers and their families, Grace has devoted itself to the service of those in need. Through a partnership with the Georgetown Ministry Center and our own Saturday community lunch and conversation, we make the homeless and marginally housed people of Georgetown a special focus of concern.

Stone repair and replacement project is complete!  Take a look at the new sandstone arches around the windows and doors on Grace’s facade.  Also, note door improvements: the red doors to the sanctuary have been refurbished, and the gray doors on either side replaced.  The white outer door to the Rectory has also been upgraded.  Heartfelt thanks to all whose generosity made these improvements possible.  They’ve certainly improved the appearance of our buildings.  In addition, though, the stone arches greatly enhance the structural integrity of the facade, while the new and refurbished doors provide a much tighter seal against cold and hot air, and against the rodent incursions which are endemic in lower Georgetown.

There’s lots going on during the seasons of Advent and Christmas.  See the sidebar for information about various ongoing and upcoming events here at Grace, including Christmas services. The annual Parish Retreat, Spiritual Practices and Disciplines, is scheduled for December 9 and 10; Learn more about the retreat on the Annual Events page.  Note, too, a special telecast of the Bethlehem Christmas Service at the Washington National Cathedral on Saturday, December 17 at 10 a.m.

The Georgetown Ministry Center always needs your help. Donations of large size men’s athletic shoes, boots, warm weather clothing, new underwear and socks and personal-size toiletry items are most welcome. They can be dropped off at GMC 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. seven days a week; it’s best to call ahead – 202-338-8301. Donations can also be left at Grace on Saturdays and Sundays until about 1 p.m. These and other items can be donated through GMC’s Amazon Wish List.

Please click around our website, read our blog, and learn more about us through Twitter and Facebook. We welcome you, in this season of new life and always, to Grace Church.

John Graham, Rector
Advent, 2016